London 2021 - COVID-19 Policy

Proof of COVID-19 Status

All attendees and exhibitors are required to verify COVID-19 status by showing proof of ONE of the following:

  1. Proof of double vaccination which you have had no less than 14 days before attendance
    (displayed via the NHS app or NHS website)
  2. Evidence of a negative lateral flow test dated within 48 hours of attendance
    (reported on the Government website & displayed via text or via the NHS app)


  • A thermal imaging camera is located at the entrance of the QEII Centre to assess body temperature. Any visitor with a temperature over 100.4 F, 38.0 C will not be permitted to enter as this indicates a fever.
  • QEII will ask you to cover your face when in communal areas - registration area, toilets, lifts.

            Masks will not be required in the event rooms

Other measures include:


The QEII will ensure all spaces and touch surfaces are regularly sanitised e.g., door handles, push plates, stair rails, lift call buttons etc.
They will perform regular Clorox sanitising for rooms, furniture, and equipment


Sneeze screens are provided at reception and registration areas
Each item stored in the cloakroom will be placed in its own biodegradable and eco-friendly poly garment bag to avoid contamination

Enhanced Safety Measures

The lifts will have reduced capacities and attendees will be advised to use the stairs where possible
Sanitising stations with dispensers are available in reception, cloakroom, and lavatory areas as well as all lift lobbies.

EXPO team / Registration staff / QEII Staff

The EXPO team and registration staff will provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test dated within 48 hours of attendance or proof of double vaccination no less than 14 days before the EXPO and will also be temperature checked on arrival

If you need any further information please contact

Claire Pemberton or 07824 505303